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5 DIY decoration ideas for your wedding photo booth

Wrote by iboo solutions team


Having become a must-have for wedding parties, the photo booth is an essential activity for a successful evening. We will share with you in this article the 5 original « Do It Yourself » decoration ideas to make your wedding photo booth a real success!

Perfect fo Country theme wedding

1. Recycled pallets

decorated recycled wooden pallets

This type of decor is perfect for a wedding based on the country theme. Its construction remains relatively simple and its atypical style is ideal for a photo booth animation that goes off the beaten track.

A modern and Chic Style

2. The geometric decoration

wooden geometric decor for photobooth

If your wedding party is taking place outdoors and you want to enjoy the natural background then the geometric background may be what you need! The opportunity for you to add a modern and chic touch to all your photos.

For a festive and colorful style

3. The balloon garland

With the balloon garland you can bring touches of color, and a festive look for your wedding party. This original decor will offer you a colorful and chic style background to brighten up all your photos.

For a rustic and elegant style

4. The Flowered Wooden Arch

An idyllic-looking setting for outdoor wedding parties. Rather bohemian or flowery, you can customize it as you see fit.

For its natural side

5. The flower wall

wedding green wall background

Because plants always make great photos, you can use them as a leafy backdrop for chic and natural photos both indoors and outdoors.