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5 original photo frame ideas for your photo booth

Written by iboo solutions


Today we present our selection of 5 original photo frame ideas for your photo booth. Having become the essentials of photo booth animation, photo frames allow you to bring a touch of originality to your photos but also a lot of fun for your guests. From the wedding party to the corporate event, photo frames adapt very easily to all types of events. Discover without further delay our selection of photo frames that could be added to your next photo booth animation.

The trendy touch

1. The social media style photo frame

customized photobooth framework for social networks

Bring a trendy touch to your photos with the social media design photo frame. Personalize your frame with the names of the bride and groom and a few Likes and #Hashtags to make the photo frame look as real as life. Surprise your guests with the social media style photo frame by adding photo booth accessories in the shape of a Smiley and Blue Thumb well known from social networks. 

To add even more fun

2. The head-pass frame

two people using a headband frame

We have all tried at least once in our lives the famous head-pass structures. The opportunity to take a fun photo with friends. Note that these head structures also exist in the form of a photo frame that you can use during your photo booth animation.

A unique and memorable style

3. The wall with integrated frames

the wall with integrated photo frame

Undoubtedly the photo frame of our selection that requires the most DIY. But you will not be disappointed in the rendering of the photos. A unique photo booth experience that your guests will not forget.

Great for an outdoor photo booth

4. The Hanging frames

hanging frames for photobooth

Hang several frames from a tree or any other wood and metal structure, and let your guests use them to take original and unforgettable shots. Take pleasure in varying the dimensions and colors of the frames for even more originality.

For a throwback to the 80s

5. The Polaroid Frame

the polaroid frame and props

The advantage of the polaroid frame is that it is very easy to buy one online and you can customize it as you see fit. To take full advantage of the polaroid frame, accompany it with photo booth props accessories for more fun and originality in your shots.