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The guide to choose the right backdrop for your photo booth

Wrote by iboo solutions team


Choosing the backdrop for your photo booth can sometimes be difficult. Indeed, the backdrop plays several roles in the photo booth animation. It is both the key piece for the background of your photos, but also the decorative element of your photo booth animation. Depending on the event you are organizing, you will find the information you need in this article.

Classic and timeless

1. The white Backdrop

a man and a woman in front of a white canvas photographed by the photobooth

For all events, the white backdrop is one of the « classics » it is neutral and does not impose fantasy on your guests. Its style is timeless and its price economical.

the advantage of contrast

2. The black backdrop

a picture of two people with a designed filter for Le Groupe Maurice company

The black backdrop is ideal for playing with contrast and emphasizing skin tone and colors. For a Chic event, red carpet or masked ball, the black bakdrop remains an ideal background with a great photographic rendering!

Useful to integrate the universe of your choice

3. The green Backdrop and its green screen effect

This photo was taken with a green brackdrop, and as you can see, the rendering is completely stunning! Thanks to the technology of picture in picture on green backdrop, you can choose to integrate the images of your choice in the background and thus create immersive photos for your theme.

Perfect for branding photo booth

4. The printed backdrop

custom photobooth and backdrop for the Catello Del Poggio brand

Ideal for a sponsored event, the printed backdrop allows you to proudly display your logo and / or those of your partners. It will allow you to gain maximum visibility during your event and on social media.